Finance Systems for Church Planters
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Get the essential training you need to have scalable church finance systems.


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When planting a church, dealing with the finances is often the least exciting part. Even if money is coming in, no church planter wants to spend Saturday hacking their way through bookkeeping or payroll when they could be recharging or spending quality time with their family instead. 


Churches are notorious for over-complicating their financial systems (starting as a church plant), and later paying the price for: 


  • Choosing software that doesn’t integrate 
  • Not being strategic about financial management 

  • Quickly delegating the finances to a willing heart with no experience 

  • Waiting to put proper procedures in place until they’ve been burned 


But you can do it differently. 


In the Financial Systems for Church Planters mini course, we will give you the essential training you need to put an efficient, affordable, and scalable church finance system in place. We’ll show you: 


  • How to choose technology that can automate 95% of the accounting work 

  • How to protect your assets AND your reputation with a few practical internal controls 

  • How to ask the right questions about your finances to keep yourself out of trouble with the IRS 

  • How to get actionable data from your financial information and more! 


And if you think you know what is expected of you because “that’s how we did it at my last church,” then the myths we are going to bust might just be the most freeing experience you’ve had since you got saved. 



It sure will. If you already have software in use, transitioning to better tools might require a little more work, but the longer you go without doing it, the more difficult it gets to make the jump. 


Nope. This course will help anyone who is helping manage the finances for a church, whether paid or volunteer.


What people say?

"I spent most of my adult life in a bi-vocational ministry situation. That meant when I planted a church and stepped into full-time ministry in my fifties, I already had, both, 30+ years of ministry experience and a 25-year history as a business executive. Not every pastor or church leader has that background. And even with it, I have found Jake Douglas and the team at Church Finance Pro’s to be an absolutely immeasurable resource. In terms of customer service, their intentness to detail and personalized attention is impressive. In terms of value, their knowledge and services result in savings that financially pay for themselves. And that doesn’t even begin to speak of the invaluable sense of trust and security it provides our pastoral staff, our council, and our congregation - intangibles so crucial in the beginning phases of a church plant. In terms of ministry, they are far more than paid consultants and payroll managers, they are partners in ministry and friends on mission. I strongly recommend them every chance I get."
Wayne Farris
Lead Pastor,
Journey Foursquare Church Nine Mile Falls, WA0
“As a first-time council member for a small church plant, I cannot say enough about the work of Jake Douglas and his team. He is knowledgeable and thorough. He helps us stay on track with our regular reporting and roles as a business council and alerts us to things we wouldn't normally think about. He is amazing to work with and has a heart for serving and using his gifts to help people in their mission. He’s generous with his time and his skills - skills that are Invaluable for council members who aren’t as experienced with budgets and the legal aspects of the business side of the church. I honestly believe it makes the difference between whether a church plant survives and succeeds or not.”
Becky Mott,
Council Member,
Journey Foursquare Church Nine Mile Falls, WA

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